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103 Angies List Reviews – Angies List

A Rated  Austin Parks 
Home inspection, mold testing Member Comments: We’ve used All American Home Inspection in the past and called them out again to inspect a prospective property we are interested in. The inspector arrived on time and I like that he listened to our main concerns upon arrival. The inspection took a while (older property) but glad it was so thorough. His extensive plumbing inspection combined with the infrared camera he uses found what we thought was a scratch in an upstairs bathtub was actually a small puncture that was leaking underneath the tub and causing slow but steady damage.  Had he not found this we would have been stuck with replacing a whole bathtub in an upstairs bath! As usual we had a ton of questions about the findings and he answered them all patiently and didn’t get annoyed (as we have had experienced with others in the past).  He even offered tips on the best way to fix some of the issues. I like that his report also had many photos and good information to help us to proceed with our next step. He also is available by phone afterwards to answer any questions you have. Very good service-I highly recommend Dan, great experience!

A Rated  Claudia Tisa 
Member Comments: Dan is the best. He spent over 4 hours at the house and checked every nook and cranny, high, low, in and out, up and down. He checked all the water lines, drains, toilets, HVAC, appliances, everything. Roof, attic, eaves, didn’t miss a spot. As he moved along, he guided us on what not to worry about and what was going to need attention. I have used Dan twice and would use him again.

A Rated  Wayne James
Member Comments: Dan was very professional, punctual, kind, and knowledgeable.  The termite Inspection by DA Exterminating…included in the price). Dan’s knowledge, thoroughness, detailed report, and use of specialized high tech equipment really made the inspection worth the investment.

A Rated  Pamela Polit  
Members Comments: After starting with Angie’s List I checked out the websites for the top two home inspection companies. Because of the rave reviews for All-American and tons of information their site makes available to educate consumers about home inspections, I called Dan and that’s all it took. I knew I had a good company. My husband and I are exchanging homes with friends of ours so we hired Dan to inspect one home in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Upon arrival Dan explained everything that would take place and gave us copies of all state-required paperwork. He also hires a master plumber to do video piping, if requested, and when necessary a termite professional. 
Another thing that was particularly impressive is how patient he is with customers. We followed him around and asked question after question and he always answered in detail and took as much time as necessary to help us understand. I’m sure that is why our two modest homes took more time than we expected. He never made us feel like we were bothering him.
At the end of the day my husband and I feel like we’ve made a new friend and we are not even waiting to receive our report to write this rave review. We are confident it will exceed our expectations – just like everything else he does.

A RatedGerald J Wilborn Jr  
Member Comments: Dan was on time and professional. He spent 4 hours inspecting our home. He was thorough and very honest with his findings. I could not be more satisfied with our inspection. Dan was patient and let us walk through the inspection with him giving us pointers and instruction on how to care our home. He explained everything he was doing and provided detailed documentation. Dan was able to recommend realistic and affordable fixes and explained how we could accomplish those ourselves. I am very impressed with Dan and his crew. Honest, straightforward and a real pleasure. I will recommend him to everyone I know.

A Rated   Rebecca Price  
Member Comments: Very thorough inspection, very thorough job, everything went great. I think it was very very good, he was very professional, he made sure that we understood all of the comments he said, he made several recommendations for people to fix what was wrong. He also recommended to do the termite inspection when it was not part of the inspection.

A Rated  Sally Anne McInerny  
Dan was very easy to talk and provided a tremendous amount of information on the home and recommended repairs/improvements. He is an intelligent man who is well read and up to date on the issues affecting home safety and health

A Rated   Ashley Blizzard 
Member Comments: The property is a 5400 sq ft triplex in New Orleans. The inspection went above my expectations. Dan Paradela’s inspection process is beyond thorough. He has an expansive knowledge of the structure/architecture and materials used in homes in the New Orleans area and provides keen insight on these things. I followed him through parts of the inspection and he answered any questions I had. He was incredibly detailed and thorough. After spending 5 hours going through the property he sat down with me to review his findings and discuss the significance of each issue, and again answered my questions. He is professional, knowledgeable, and provides unparalleled customer service. I received my inspection report the next day and he then called me to follow up and go over the report. As a first time home buyer in the New Orleans area, I cannot express enough my sincere appreciation to Dan.

A Rated  Stephen Adduci 
Member Comments: The experience was thorough and complete – The inspector Bill was very polite and professional – leaving good recommendations . I would certainly recommend him to anyone I know purchasing a house . His Price was very good. It is certainly worth it for the information he provides. The report was thorough with recommendations to correct the discrepancy s – that I appreciated 

A Rated  Meghan Scuderi
Dan was awesome! He spent five hours with us going over the house and showing us what was wrong and recommending how we could fix problems he found. He also only suggested we do the inspections he thought we needed when he was on-site (I thought we needed a video-pipe inspection but he said it wasn’t needed. Saved us $200 dollars!) He did a Basic Inspection, Thermal Imaging Inspection and Mold Testing for us. I would highly recommend him and would hire him again. The report he gave us was well documented and worth the money. Thanks Dan!

A Rated  Elizabeth Abbey
Very thorough inspection. There was a mix up with the plumber which delayed the completion of the inspection but Dan was very nice, very prompt and very knowledgeable. I was comfortable with the quality of the inspection and the integrity of his report.

A Rated  Robbie Morales  
It was a pleasure to work with Dan. He was very thorough and took his time to explain every thing to you.
I used him for a full home inspection with all the bells and whistle from video pipe inspection to the infrared thermal imaging and termite inspection too.
I would highly recommend him to any one. 

A Rated   Nicole Beal  
Dan was very professional and helpful throughout the inspection. He also went over and beyond to make this as comfortable and at ease so that i understood everything that needed to be fix. I would recommend Mr. Dan to anyone as a First time Home Buyer. THANKS DAN

A Rated  Torrey Reily
He showed up on time and called before he arrived to make sure things were a go. He was the first tradesman that I have met who has a truly upbeat ,  friendly attitude towards the customer.  His 5 hour inspection was very thorough  , and the finished copy that he emailed to me , ( within 24 hours , on a weekend ) , was near 60 pages long , and had tons of good pics to back up what he had found. This inspection found a great deal of termite damage which ended up saving me 40k to 60 k in repair costs.  Needless to say he saved the day , along with my bank account. I would highly recommend him for your home inspection.

A Rated  Cynthia Iselin 
Dan provided exceptional service throughout the inspection process. He was thorough and thoughtful in all aspects of the experience. As a first time homebuyer, I was skeptical, but Dan eased my nerves with his professionalism and paralleled friendliness. I was extremely pleased with his service and highly recommend him as a home inspector

A Rated  Tony Saragusa  
It went as promised no surprise charged at the end the inspector was very thorough and helpful with home maintenance advise and great information on house hold toxins such as Fiberglas in my ac ducts that I had no idea I was breathing 
thanks Dan! 

A Rated  Francie Davenport 
Dan was awesome!
There was a little confusion about the appointment time (his partner made the appointment with me but miscommunicated the time), but it was well worth the wait!
Dan was highly professional, incredibly thorough (even according to the realtors), and explained everything as he went along. He took time to listen to my concerns and then addressed them with his inspection and made notes with the ones that were relevant. He gave me some great tips on things to watch throughout the years and how to maintain the home. As a first-time homebuyer who is not knowledgeable at all about home construction/repairs, I felt WAY better after Dan’s thorough inspection that I’ll be secure for a long time to come in this house.  Plus, he’s passing along his personally recommended repair people for when something comes up.  
Great service, very friendly, honest and reliable. Dan’s the whole package.  🙂

A Rated   Lisa Burke  
Dan was fabulous in providing me with a very detailed report that gave excellent recommendations on improving my air.  He gave me suggestions of things I could do myself as well as some products and services I could buy to help further making my air healthier.  I highly recommend this company

A Rated   Debra Alty  
Went great.  Very professional, checked everything out, on the roof, under the house, made great effort to check everything.  Written report was excellent. Would highly recommend him to someone needing a home inspection.

A Rated  Tyrone Girod  

A Rated  Yolanda Jacquet 
It went well and when I called with questions about the inspection and report they were very helpful and accommodating

A Rated  Gwen Sjunnesen  
Dan did an excellent job. He found several issues that we were unaware of. Very professional! Dan always goes above and beyond what is normally required in a home inspection. I trust and appreciate his work.

A Rated  Anne Comarda 
Dan is very professional and thorough. I have used his company for several inspections and we have always been pleased with his service. Dan can also set up the termite inspection and sewer line video inspections if needed.

A Rated  Luis Ramos  
The reason I use him is because he is very thorough. He does more than just the normal inspection, he checks air quality, and for defective Chinese drywall (a bad batch of this drywall was delivered after hurricane Katrina, and is toxic).

A Rated  Park Daniels  
The inspector showed up 10 minutes late but he called to let me know he was running late. He took air samples throughout the house and was very thorough examining the ac system he checked inside the ducts, air return and up in the attic and showed me pictures of mold growing inside the ducts and of loose fiberglass in the return.  I received the lab results of the air test a couple of days latter and was amazed at all the levels of mold, fiberglass, insect parts, skin cells, animal hair, mites, pollen and a lot other particles floating around in the air inside my home no wonder we all have allergies!  The inspector was also very helpful recommending cleanup or as he called it remediation options

A Rated Jullie Puyau
We had a home inspection done on a house that has been sitting empty for a while. We wanted someone to go through the house with a fine tooth comb. Dan did just that. He spent a lot of time inspecting the home and was very thorough. Not only did he do a great job inspecting but gave us great advice as well. His cost was higher than we expected but his job performance was well worth it!
A Rated  Angelina Parker 
I called All American Home Inspections because I wanted to know what was causing the mold and if it was a danger to my family.  Dan came out the next day and did a full inspection of my home. He was very thorough with explaining what was causing the mold and he pointed out things I didn’t know could be a hazard to us. He also told me what to do to get rid of the mold. I was very please with all All American Home Inspections and would recommend them to my family and friends

A Rated  Veronica Heymann
Dan Paradela did two home inspections for my husband and I. We are very impressed with his work on how thorough he was. He was able to point out every detail throughout both properties that needed to be fixed. We were very impressed looking over our home inspection reports and how detailed he was about his findings. He found things in places throughout the homes that we never would have know about. If ever in the future we need another home inspection, without a doubt we will be using Dan Paradela with All American Home Inspections.

A Rated  Michael Trenchard  
Dan performed the inspection in about 3 hours.  I met him at the house near the end of his inspection.  He was very thorough, professional, and friendly.  He was very willing to go over any of the significant issues he found during the inspection and discussed possible solutions or the significance of the issue.  He also discovered on his last inspection for me that the home was actually older than it was advertised because the age of the hot water heaters (while in good operating condition) were original and aged the house at least 3 years older than first thought.  I was very happy with Dan’s work and would use him again

A Rated  Amanda Lewis  
Dan was the inspector I used when buying my first home.He was very through and explained everything to me so I understood. His price was very good and he was very personable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs any type of home inspection

A Rated  Joel Hahn  
Excellent work by employee     She was very knowledgeable about  mold and was able to alleviate worry about problem until report came in.   Visual inspection
A Rated  Katherine Harrell  

Dan was referred to me by a co-worker as being a very conscientious home inspector.
I was on a very tight schedule and needed the inspection and the report turned in as quickly as possible.
I called Dan and he was able to come out on the date that I requested even though I was not able to give him much notice.
I asked that he supply me with the finished report within 1 day.  
Not only did he do a very complete inspection of the home he was also able to furnish me with the report the next day.
I had no problems reaching him if I had any questions regarding the inspection.  
I would definitely use him again.

A Rated   John Hagan  

I have owned an Acadian style home, built in the late ’60s, that I lived in for about 19 years, then rented out for 5 yrs. I knew that the home had some structural issues and wanted it evaluated before I sank money into repairs and renovations, as I intend to live there again. Dan Paradela came out and did a thorough inspection . He provided me with lots of useful suggestions to deal with known issues and I was delighted to find out that some of my homes problems were not as serious as I had feared and that there were no unknown issues with the property. I can now prioritize my repairs and renovations and not have to fear discovering any major deficits along the way. Dan was prompt, professional, courteous, thorough and undoubtedly saved me money in the long run. He inspected under the house, up on the roof and in the attic and crawl spaces. He evaluated, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, roofing, and checked the overall levelness of the floors to check for settling of the foundation. I would definitely use his services again and recommend him without reservation.

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***** Peggy Hymel
This was a great experience for home inspection. Dan and Tina were extremely thorough and helpful. I would highly recommend them.

***** Karen Mancuso Cancienne
Very knowledgeable. Professional. Thorough. He patiently answered all of my questions and educated me about my new home.  I highly recommend him!

***** Jonathan Lilly
I am so glad I met Dan!
He is by far the most thorough and knowledgeable inspector in the area. Dan uses the latest tools to inspect every inch of a house. He walked us through every problem and explained the damage that each one caused. I highly recommend All American Home Inspections if you want a deep and thorough analysis of a property to make sure you know what you are buying.

***** Corey Senez
Very great experience. Mr. Dan was very helpful during the inspections. He did a very thorough inspection, and he even went as far as giving me tips on how to keep the attic heat from getting into the living portion of the house.  He also took the time to explain everything he was doing along with a few hints on sealing up the house.  Lastly, he sent a few emailed documents on how to prevent very common household mishaps.  This was a great overall experience from start to finish.

***** Johnice Kat
I been using Dan for a while now. He’s so responsive and thorough. He makes sure all parts of the inspection process are handled well. He doesn’t skip the roof like a lot of inspectors and he is always willing to give referrals if you need work done!

***** Edward Mitchell
All American Home Inspection is one of best choices I have every made . My wife and I are  first time Home buyers we went out with our Realtor and we found a home. We started looking for a home inspector. We saw all American Home Inspection online we called them for some quotes . We talked to them and got the quote and preceded to start calling other business but after talking with them just that quick they gave my wife and I the impression that they were in our best interest and we are so glad we did. The first house we had inspected look so nice but it was the unforeseen things All American Home Inspection caught that would have cost us a lot money too fix . Needless to say we didn’t go with that home we found another home. We had them come out to another home and they did an awesome job again their were some problems found but nothing we can’t live with.My wife and I thank you and your team of professional for all you’ve done for us. The first BBQ in the new home you and your team are invited thanks guys.

***** Jeff Lakey
Dan was great for our inspection…both times! That’s right, we actually passed on the first home he inspected after he helped us realize it was a money pit. This was a great thing because it led us to find what we were really looking for. We will definitely be using him on future home inspections.

***** Joe Partlage
Finally! An inspector that looks out for his customer: the home buyer, instead of any other party.  Very thorough, knowledgeable and down to earth. Will take as much time as needed to talk with you about your inspection, and is not rushed like other franchised inspectors that have to get to the next appointment because they have quotas to meet. Dan truly looks out for you and provides a detailed report so you can proceed with confidence in your real estate transaction. He also carries with him the latest technology to do a truly COMPLETE inspection, not just a run-through. He can also test for mold, asbestos, fiberglass and lead contamination as well as air quality. Call Dan today and he will answer any of your inspection questions.

***** billy kammerer
Dan was a great help during the inspection process.  He explained everything in detail and was very informative.  I would recommend AAHI for your inspection needs.

***** Darrell Greiwe
Dan was extremely knowledgable, careful and engaging. He really took the time to make sure we understood exactly what the issues with the property were, in context. He was accompanied by a very professional team whose expert opinions sadly led to our deal falling through. We will be continuing to work with All American until we find the right spot.

***** Megan Workman
Highly recommend Dan Paradela @ All American Inspections. Very knowledgeable and up to date on the area’s homes/building codes/and safety issues. Same is true for the termite inspector he works with, Lisa Bivalacqua with D.A. Exterminating Co. Dan has gone above and beyond for my client after completing inspection by recommending contractors he trusts for estimates and helping us complete last-minute requests from the insurance company. A great experience all around and will use again.

***** Sharron Baudier
Great service! Get complete inspection of house from termites,plumbing,and electrical all in couple of hours. Save time and money!

***** Marco Lazo
Dan was very accommodating to our need to have an inspection done very quickly.  He was very personable and thorough in explaining the process to us.  He was very detailed and thorough in his inspection itself and explained things as he went.  I would recommend him to anyone!  Thanks for making this a smooth process for us.

***** Pat Tucker
Very fast and professional.  Good prices too.  Explained problems clearly.  Will definitely use again!

***** J. Stevens

I was under contract to purchase what appeared to be an excellent house that I could happily live in for years to come. It was spacious, had great appliances, and was in a good location. I called Dan and scheduled an inspection. He was very meticulous and thorough, taking his time and paying attention to detail. My undertrained eye had me under the impression that the inspection was just going to be more of a procedural type of thing that didn’t uncover any problems. WRONG! Dan found there were foundation issues, wood eating insects, drainage pipe issues, roofing issues, all kinds of ISSUES! The thermal inspection also found that a majority of the house was not properly insulated. Needless to say I cancelled that contract. Later, I found another house. Guess who I called… Dan! Thankfully, this house was in much better condition. I highly recommend All American Home Inspections, LLC b/c Dan is very knowledgeable and is aware of current building regulations. He takes the time to explain his findings with you in such a way that you won’t require a contractors license to understand what he’s saying. I’ll surely recommend him to any friends/family that are in need of inspection services. I received excellent inspections and customer service on both occasions. On top of that, he’s VERY fast when it comes to getting you the actual inspection report. Thanks Dan!

***** Carlos Doubleday
This group was awesome to work with.  Very thorough inspection.   Also took quality time to review it with us.   I will utilize them on future project.

***** Thomas Bensen
This is the most professional, thorough, comprehensive, and complete home inspection report I have ever seen.More
Response from the owner 7 months ago. Thank you so much for taking the time to review our company it means a lot to us and we appreciate it greatly!

***** Chad Shepherd
Service was EXCELLENT! Mr. Dan was very professional and knowledgable about what he was doing and what I needed. I left feeling like all of my concerns were answered and eased! Awesome work!

***** Tony Saragusa
Dan is very thorough and professional. He will take his time and talk with his customers to address all concerns. Would highly recommend him for a home inspection.

***** Gus Daniels
Dan did an inspection at a house I’m thinking of purchasing in the Gentilly area. He was on time the price was reasonable and he was very thorough he took extra time to go over all the problems he found during to inspection. #definitely recommend

***** Monique Richar
Dan did our home inspection.  He was so great!  Extremely thorough and very helpful. I still call him often for advice. He is always willing to talk. Thanks Dan!

***** Keandra Thomas
Dan was a great inspecter. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.

***** Kevin Dredge
Dan was extremely helpful and went above and beyond what I anticipated for my home inspection, mold test, and video pipe inspection. I highly recommend All American Home Inspections. Super friendly and accommodating.

***** Gwen Sjunnesen
Dan did an excellent job for my client.  He found several issues that we were totally unaware of.  He goes above and beyond what is normally expected in a home inspection.  My clients and I trust and appreciate his work.  Dan is very professional and a pleasure to work with!

***** G Wj
Mr. Dan, has provided excellent home inspection before we made our first home purchase. I would recommend his to all friends before considering buying a home. Thanks Dan.

One Stop Shopping for your new home inspections. Thank you Tina & Dan for your services and your honest approach to a new experience. High five to Dan, Lisa & Aaron!

***** Julie Geisendorff
AAHI is a great company! Dan and his staff were a pleasure to deal with.

***** Brenda Newfield
Dan is awesome!  I have used him as a buyer and have referred him as well.  I always call Dan before I buy.

***** Jonathan Porter
I have recommended working with Dan for years and have always been pleased. Very professional and thorough.

***** Caitlin Donoghue
Dan did a great job on my home inspection. He was thorough and took time to address specific concerns I had.

***** Sheree DiMarco
Very helpful, clearly explained what will be looked for and didnt mind us being at the home during the inspection. Would recommend.

***** Michael Bergeron
My a/c unit had been leaking into the air intake and noticed a strong musky odor in my home when the unit was running. When All American Home Inspection inspected the intake and air ducts mold was discovered. Luckily this was found before any

***** Jessica Jenkins
I would highly recommend Dan as a home inspector to anyone.  I use All American Home Inspections as a Realtor® in Covington, as well as to inspect my personal home.

***** Jesus Menendez
Dan is very thorough he found things that other inspectors don’t even look for like a leak in the shower pan he detected with an infrared camera and he also opened the ac ducts and found them insulated with fiberglass that can cause lung cancer

***** Derrick Fremen
What an honest inspector!!!!!  Very knowledgeable about all aspects of a home
Response from the owner6 months agoHey Derrick, thank you so much for the great review and remember we offer unlimited phone support so If you or any of your family members ever have a question about your house or any other house please do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Dan Paradela

***** Cleta Toepfer
On time, professional, thorough, everything you need in a home inspector*****